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Presenting Divorce Mediation Services From LaFountain and Wollman P.C.

Have LaFountain and Wollman P.C.’s Team Mediate Your Divorce At LaFountain and Wollman P.C., we know first-hand that divorce is a stressful process that can put a strain on your mental health. After practicing family law for years, we’ve come to understand the emotional process that many of our clients go through during a divorce…. Read more »

Divorce Can Be Inexpensive And Fast

Do you need a divorce lawyer from LaFountain & Wollman C.P.

An Uncontested Divorce Makes Things Easy It is not uncommon for web partners to both conclude that divorce is inevitable. If both sides are in agreement, then it is easy to come to an understanding of what comes next. When that occurs, quickly getting the process over can save many months’ worth of stress and… Read more »

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Impact

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Impact With vaccines rolling out, we hope to see a return to a sense of normalcy throughout the state. However, LaFountain & Wollman, P.C. is maintaining close monitoring of the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Massachusetts.  We are proactively taking measures to ensure business continuity so that our attorneys can continue… Read more »

Same-sex Spouses can file for Immigration Benefits

Same-sex Spouses can file for Immigration Benefits posted Jul 3, 2013, 5:04 AM by Michael Vosilla   [ updated Jul 3, 2013, 5:05 AM ] Pursuant to a statement from Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, as a result of the Supreme Court’s Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) decision, same-sex married couples will enjoy the… Read more »

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Loses To Joe Biden In Home State Of MA

According to a recent report from CNN, on “Super Tuesday” (Tuesday, March 3, 2020), Senator Elizabeth Warren lost the Democratic primary vote to Joe Biden in her home state here in Massachusetts. Also according to the report, Sen. Warren “is assessing her presidential campaign’s path forward on Wednesday… after a disappointing performance on Super Tuesday”… Read more »

Judges Must Consider Domestic Violence in Post Divorce Custody

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled that judges in the state of Massachusetts must consider all instances of domestic violence when overseeing divorce custody proceedings. Furthermore, the ruling includes hearings that take place after a divorce is final. The reasoning behind the new precedent is to help ensure children of divorce go to the safest parent… Read more »

Au Pairs Now Covered by the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in MA

According to an article by the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the First Circuit court in Massachusetts ruled that au pairs, someone who helps with housework and child care in exchange for room and board, are now, officially, covered by the state’s Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. The Massachusetts state policy director at the National Workers… Read more »

Proposed Law Could Bring the Death Penalty to MA

According to a report by, a proposed law could make convicted cop killers eligible for the death penalty in Massachusetts. Proposed by Republican state reps. Shaunna O’Connell and David DeCoste, the bill would give state prosecutors the option to seek capital punishment in cases involving a defendant (of at least age 18) convicted of… Read more »

Spouse-As-Caregiver Bill Proposed in MA

According to a report by The Somerville Times, a new bill proposal, known as S28, seeks to enact a new Medicaid spouse-as-caregiver policy. Medicaid has several programs to help family caregivers. However, it currently does not have any such policy to help spouses who take on the role of caregiver for their significant other. Senate… Read more »