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According to an article by the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the First Circuit court in Massachusetts ruled that au pairs, someone who helps with housework and child care in exchange for room and board, are now, officially, covered by the state’s Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. The Massachusetts state policy director at the National Workers Alliance stated:

“This is the first Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in the country to have been challenged in the courts. it is a tremendous victory to witness it be rightly upheld by the legal system. Au pairs are immigrant workers who come to the United States to provide childcare. Like all working people, they deserve basic labor protections that allow them to work safely and with dignity.” – Rocio Avila, state policy director at the National Workers Alliance.

Additionally, the Executive Director of the Mathari Women Workers’ Center, Monique Tú Nguyen, seems to support the bill and said:

“We are thrilled to hear about this decision, which upholds the Massachusetts Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in its entirety. Au pairs will be covered by the state’s minimum wage and overtime law without exception.”

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