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According to a report by The Somerville Times, a new bill proposal, known as S28, seeks to enact a new Medicaid spouse-as-caregiver policy. Medicaid has several programs to help family caregivers. However, it currently does not have any such policy to help spouses who take on the role of caregiver for their significant other. Senate Bill S28 seeks to change that.

What Does the Act Allowing Spouses to Serve as Caregivers Entail?

This new bill seeks to enact a property titled the Act Allowing Spouses to Serve as Caregivers. The Act, if passed, allows spouses to receive support from home and community-based services fueled by the Commonwealth’s Medicaid and MassHealth programs. Some other benefits of enacting the bill include Adult Foster Care and other Personal Care Attendant programs.

Currently, 15 other states have similar programs. If Massachusetts passes bill S28, then it will be the next state to join that steadily growing list.

What Will it Take for S28 to Become Law?

For S28 to become law, it must go through the same process as any other bill in the state. In other words, the bill must pass the House-Senate and gain approval from the state Governor.

If you’d like to help support the bill, then you can call your local senator or other state representatives and respectfully ask them to consider S28.

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