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Avoid Infighting by Hiring A Family Law Attorney

To many people, attorneys and the courtroom are synonymous. It is difficult to separate one from the other, despite most attorneys doing much of their work outside the courtroom. A family law attorney, for example, may spend much of their time interacting with a client’s family to help settle divorce disputes, child custody cases, prenuptial agreements, and other family affairs. Generally speaking, family law attorneys only provide legal representation in court if they have exhausted all other means of settling. Here are a few of the most common services our family law attorneys offer their clients.

Prenuptial Agreements

Before marriage, a couple may draw up a prenuptial agreement to ensure their partner upholds specific terms during a wedding. These agreements also dictate how the couple will split their assets in a divorce. A couple needs the help of a family law attorney to draft such an agreement. An attorney can also help uphold the contract terms once the couple agrees.

Divorce Mediation

When a couple decides to separate, the fallout from this event can be traumatizing to everyone involved. To help mitigate the effects of this separation, a family law attorney can help mediate the couple. Divorce mediation discusses existing conflicts in marriage to negotiate an ultimate settlement.

An attorney facilitates exploring a couple’s divorce as an impartial third party during this process. This mediation aims to produce a binding legal agreement between the two parties that the attorney then presents to a judge. This agreement then replaces the need for court arbitration and a judge’s decision.

Child Custody

One of the most challenging aspects parents must consider during their divorce is custody. Specifically, the separating couple must decide on a fixed living and visitation schedule for their children. This schedule will dictate how much time each parent can spend with their children.

As you might expect, this is a contentious issue during which the services of a family law attorney are indispensable. An attorney can help draft the original custody agreement and help revise the deal if such action is deemed necessary.

Drafting Wills And Handling Estates

Wills must help dictate what happens to their property and other assets after death. To have one drafted, a person must enlist the aid of a family law attorney. An attorney can later help ensure the deceased’s will is carried out according to the document. The attorney may also handle any conflicts due to the choice, at least partly.

Litigation Representation

Occasionally a family law attorney will find that they cannot resolve their client’s needs through one of these mentioned means. In this situation, they will likely represent their client during court proceedings. While this may not always be the desired route, family attorney is equally capable of representing their clients as any other kind of attorney. Therefore, you can trust that you’re in good hands whenever you have one of us.

Your Local Family Law Attorney Is Here To Help

Our attorneys have dedicated their lives to helping families settle their difference in a civilized manner that satisfies every party. From prenuptial agreements to wills, we can help you feel confident that you’re making informed decisions that protect you and your family. Of course, if you need help with a situation beyond those we have listed, please get in touch with us at (617) 926-8944. Here at LaFountain & Wollman, P.C. will do our best to help you with your situation.
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About the Author
Attorney Nicholas J. LaFountain has extensive experience litigating and negotiating civil disputes of many types. He has been successfully representing clients in the courtroom since 2004.