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family lawyers in content image The one place that everyone deserves to feel safe and secure is the home. Although this is true, it isn’t the reality for everyone. Sometimes, you need a lawyer who can help you sort out the difficulties you are having with your spouse. At LaFountain and Wollman, P.C., this is exactly what we are here to do. Contact us today at (617) 926-8944. We are located at 507 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, Massachusetts 02472.

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Family Lawyer in Belmont

A full range of services falls under the umbrella of family law that a family lawyer in Belmont can address. For example, you may be experiencing difficulties with your spouse and need to seek advice about separation and divorce. You may also have questions about child and spousal support and the custody of your children. We even help cohabitating couples with the unique issues that they face. Everything related to family law is not unpleasant. You may also be seeking a surrogate to carry a child for you, and this is an area in family law in which we are also involved. Suppose you are getting married and would like to consult an attorney about a prenuptial agreement or adopt a child. In that case, we can offer our services to you as well.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, you may not be reading this article because you embark on a new path in life. You may be concerned that your spouse is going to hurt you. In this case, you must take action to protect yourself and your children. The days when women used to hide this type of abuse are over. Men also experience domestic violence, and they are slowly coming out of the shadows to share their ordeals.

Belmont Family Law Attorney

Contacting the police can be difficult for some people when a spouse is hurting them. A Belmont family law attorney will, first, be someone who can offer you moral support. Then, your lawyer will be with you when you talk to the police and help you file for a protective order if you feel that you need one. Belmont Family Law If you must need the services of a family law attorney, contact us at Belmont Family Law today. We are ready to help you with your problem, whether you seek a divorce or are engaged in a custody dispute. We will make sure that your voice is heard in this matter, so call us today.

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