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Immigration Consequences of Malicious Destruction of Property

posted May 15, 2012, 7:49 AM by Michael Vosilla

The First Circuit Court of Appeals decided in Neto v. Holder that the crime of malicious destruction of property under M.G.L. ch. 266 § 127 is considered a crime involving moral turpitude (CIMT) for immigration purposes.  Therefore, a conviction of malicious destruction of property, in Massachusetts, can have significant immigration consequences for those who are not U.S. citizens.  

If charged with malicious destruction of property, or any other CIMT, please be sure to consult with an immigration attorney to discuss the immigration consequences of any plea or disposition you may be considering.  The attorneys at LaFountain & Wollman, P.C. are knowledgeable in both immigration and criminal law and can work for you to avoid the immigration consequences of criminal charges.  For more information please, contact this office to set up a consultation.
About the Author
Attorney Nicholas J. LaFountain has extensive experience litigating and negotiating civil disputes of many types. He has been successfully representing clients in the courtroom since 2004.