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After years of hard work and saving every penny, you’ve finally begun taking the first steps toward buying your dream home. The only issue is that planning everything is much more complicated than anyone ever prepared for. Between all the contracts, interest rates, and mortgage insurers, there’s hardly time to think about the paint on the walls! Most people want to introduce more variables into the situation by adding a real estate lawyer. However, this is where many people go wrong when buying a home.

More than just a purchase, buying a home is a legal contract outlining property passing from one entity to another. Many things can go wrong if you don’t adequately protect yourself. A real estate agent might be able to see you through most sales without any problems. However, they don’t have the training or education to handle a sudden and urgent issue that may crop up. That, of course, is even if they have your best interests.

On the other hand, a real estate lawyer protects your interests and ensures that the process prioritizes your needs. With a real estate lawyer, you can protect yourself from many of the most significant dangers you face when buying property, including:

Real Estate Sale Requirements

Many localities may require the buyer and the seller to have a real estate lawyer to help navigate the transaction. In these cases, you’ll need a real estate lawyer for the transaction to be legal. Therefore, we recommend hiring a real estate lawyer who works in your interest. This way, you’ll have more control over the situation than you would otherwise have.


As a legal exchange, buying a house requires several legally binding contracts once signed. These real estate contracts, like most others, are purposely written in a way that makes it difficult for anyone to understand them unless they’ve received the specific education needed to parse them. However, real estate lawyers can pour over your contract’s legal jargon, understand it, and translate it into plain terms. That way, you can decide if the sale terms are agreeable or need to be renegotiated.


As if revising and signing contracts wasn’t enough, you’ll also need to file several deeds, permits, and other paperwork with the proper authorities if you’re planning on buying property. Failing to file the correct documents will likely end up burdening you. Extra taxes, fines, construction slowdowns, or even loss of ownership are some issues you could face. However, suppose you allow a real estate lawyer to file your paperwork. In that case, you can rest assured that they’ll take care of these affairs professionally.

Illegal Sellers

There’s no shortage of people trying to sell you property they don’t own. They lure prospective buyers in with low asking prices, hand over a fake deed or other false documents in exchange for a one-time payment, and then disappear into the night. As you might imagine, these situations never end well. Buyers often don’t realize that the “seller” duped them until much later. Often, buyers don’t realize this until the actual owner of the property realizes something is wrong and confronts them.

Our real estate lawyers know how to spot these scams from a mile away. Not only that, real estate lawyers can help you perform total title searches. These will help you determine if there are any undisclosed liens or encumbrances on the property you’re planning to purchase. That means any nasty surprises never catch you off guard.

Real Estate Lawyers Are There To Help You No Matter What

Real estate is a complicated topic no matter who you are, but real estate lawyers are here to help. We can help you with the vast array of legal issues likely to arise during a sale. We’re ready to help you quickly through the process, from residential purchases and sales to commercial representation. That means we’ll always protect you from fraud or red tape. So why not let the real estate lawyers from LaFountain & Wollman safeguard one of, if not the most important transactions of your life?

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About the Author
Attorney Nicholas J. LaFountain has extensive experience litigating and negotiating civil disputes of many types. He has been successfully representing clients in the courtroom since 2004.