Trust Drafting:
To put it simply, a Trust is a document that appoints a person known as a Trustee to hold property on behalf of a named Beneficiary or Beneficiaries.  A Trust can be drafted for many different purposes.   A Trust can be used to hold real and/or personal property and may be of record at the Registry of Deeds or may be a private document noted only by a Trustee Certificate.  A Trust can be used for Estate Planning purposes, for tax purposes or to protect assets. To determine if a Trust is right for you, contact our experienced lawyers today.

Review and Amend:
In some instances, you may come across a property held by a Trust, you may be a named Beneficiary of a Trust or you may wish to purchase a Beneficial Interest in a Trust.  No matter what your situation is, our experienced attorneys are available to review your Trust and answer all of your questions regarding the same.

If you are a Trustee, Donor or Beneficiary of a Trust, you may wish to make changes to a Trust. These changes may range from a change in Trustee or a sale of a beneficial interest. Our attorneys are prepared to draft any and all documentation necessary to make your requested changes if the Trust so allows.

Our lawyers are experienced in numerous aspects of Trust Litigation.  Whether you need to determine the Beneficiaries of a Trust, or to appoint a Trustee where one is not named and the Trust does not provide for an appropriate method of appointment, we can assist you with the same.   If you are the Beneficiary of a Trust and you feel that the Trustee has breached his/her fiduciary duty to you, we are able to evaluate the situation and proceed with the appropriate legal remedy to rectify the situation.   It is impossible to name here all of the situations in which you may need a law firm to help you clarify a Trust or to assist you in verifying that all duties are being properly carried out, however, LaFountain & Wollman, P.C. is the law firm that can guide you through any issue that may arise. Our Trust Attorneys and Litigation Attorneys work closely with each other on all Trust Litigation matters and our dual approach to such matters ensures that all of your concerns will be met.

Please contact our experienced attorneys at 617-826-8638 or to set up a consultation with one of our experienced trust lawyers.

Please come back to this webpage in the future to review changes in the law in Massachusetts, particularly the enactment of the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code.