Estate Administration

After a family member or close friend passes away, it is often necessary to Probate their Estate in order to be able to access or sell their assets and to distribute them in accordance with the deceased’s wishes. The death of a loved one can be a very trying and tramatic time.  Our experienced attorneys work with clients to minimize the stress and controversy of just such a time.  Our seasoned lawyers will use our experience and knowledge to make this time as peaceful as possible. Our attorneys will also prepare all the necessary paperwork and explain each step of the process to you in language you can understand. Leave the headaches to the professionals, and contact our lawyers for assistance.Contested Estates:

Unfortunately, at times, Estates are administered improperly or deceased persons were forced to execute or mistakenly executed a Will prior to their death that did not accurately portray their wishes. Our attorneys experienced in litigating all such matters and can represent you if you feel that any of these injustices have occurred or are occurring. Our experienced Estate and Litigation attorneys are ready to review the Administration and assist you in rectifying these issues.
Please contact LaFountain & Wollman, P.C. at 617-926-8944 or to set up a consultation with one of our experienced estate administration lawyers.

Please come back to this webpage in the future to review changes in the law in Massachusetts, particularly the enactment of the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code.