With offices located in Watertown and just outside of Boston, our lawyers represent clients in the formation, management, sale or purchase of condominiums.  Our experienced attorneys are familiar with the Massachusetts Condominium Law (M.G.L. ch. 183A) and can provide you with the legal assistance you need.

Condominiums are individually owned property units wherein the owner also owns an interest in the property owned by the condominium association or trust.  Unit owners pay condo fees for the maintenance and repairs of the common areas which is controlled by the condo association or trust. 

Our condominium law services include:

  • Document Drafting / Review
  • Condominium Conversions
  • Condominium Management
  • Condominium Disputes/Litigation
  • Condominium Unit Purchase or Sale

Condominium Conversions:

Are you planning on converting your multi-family dwelling or multi-unit building into residential or commercial condominiums?  Our lawyers can handle all of the paperwork from the creation of the Master Deed through the sale of the units.  For a flat fee we will handle all of your condominium conversion needs.  Our attorneys pride themselves on our attention to detail and ability to mediate issues that may arise.  Wour lawyers will provide you with governing documents that satisfy everyone’s needs.

Condominium Management:

Are you a Trustee or a Manager of a Condominium Association?  Contact our lawyers to assist you in all aspects of condominium management.   Our experienced real estate and litigation attorneys are waiting to advise you of all of your Association’s legal options.  Our unique dual approach will keep you apprised of all of your choices.  Our lawyers are experienced in all facets of condominium management, including but not limited to: condominium document review and analysis, drafting collection and violation letters, and in litigating and arbitrating all aspects of condominium law.

Condominium Litigation:

Are you a Unit Owner in a Condominium who is concerned that the Condominium Association or other Unit Owners are taking advantage of you?  Are you concerned that you are not being protected under your Condominium Documents?  Contact our attorneys and we will evaluate your situation and ensure that your Condominium is being managed properly.  Our lawyers are here to assist you in obtaining the most from your Condominium.

Condominium Unit Purchase or Sale:

Are you a residential or commercial Unit Owner wishing to sell your condominium unit?  Are you a purchaser preparing to buy a residential or commercial condominium unit?  Our real estate department is ready to assist you throughout the entire process.  We will review the condominium documents and ensure that all of your legal obligations are met in the purchase or sale of the condominium unit.  At closing, we will verify that you have all the necessary documents and are prepared to buy or sell your condominium unit.

For a consultation with one of our experienced condominium lawyers, please contact our law office at 617-826-8638 or info@lafountainwollman.com.