Our seasoned attorneys represent both commercial Landlords and commercial Tenants in the negotiation and drafting of a Lease for a piece of commercial property. If you are a commercial Landlord, contact our experienced lawyers to draft a comprehensive Lease that pertains to your specific property. If you are a commercial Tenant, contact our lawyers to review a proposed commercial Lease and to detail your rights and liabilities under the same. Whether you are a commercial Landlord or a commercial Tenant, it is important to understand that a commercial Lease differs greatly from a residential Lease and you need assistance in understanding your duties and obligations under a commercial Lease.

Evictions are not only necessary in the residential leasing world but are also sometimes necessary in the commercial context. 

Our attorneys are experienced in assisting commercial Landlords in enforcing the provisions of a commercial Lease. The same attorneys are also able to aid commercial Tenants whose rights under a commercial Lease have been violated.

And of course, our experienced lawyers are also available to assist Sellers and Purchasers of a business in the transfer of a commercial Lease currently in place with Seller as the Tenant.

Please contact the experienced attorneys at LaFountain & Wollman, P.C. at 617-826-8638 or info@lafountainwollman.com to set up a consultation with one of our experienced landlord/tenant lawyers.