An exceptional lawyer

Michael Vosilla is an exceptional lawyer. My late husband began working with Michael as executor of a complicated estate. They made steady progress until David died suddenly. For that reason, I needed to take up the mantel of alternate executor, but my life had also become complicated. I moved to another state to be near my son and his family, but had to do so within a week. The pandemic began three days after I arrived at my new home, thus closing the courts and others with whom Michael needed to confer. To say that settling the estate became more complicated, working over state lines, would be a huge understatement. Through it all, Michael was composed, clear-thinking and diligent in covering what was new “territory” for me, at least. He was also caring, empathetic and supportive of my efforts to complete this painful project; as well, he managed to deal with what I will now call an “overly eager” beneficiary, with great aplomb. We successfully settled the estate earlier this year and I will forever be grateful to Michael for his kindness, patience and professionalism.

— Ann V.
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