Newton Divorce Lawyers

Newton Divorce LawyersOur Newton divorce lawyers are here when you need us. A divorce impacts you and your family financially and emotionally and takes a toll on the children involved. LaFountain & Wollman P.C. want to help you make this difficult time easier and provide sound legal advice in the future. Filing for divorce on your own is tricky, and you can overlook critical elements that could help or hurt your case. Our Newton divorce lawyers will represent you and handle any issues involving alimony, child custody, and spousal support.

Looking For A Divorce Lawyer In Newton?

Our Watertown and Newton divorce attorneys understand that no one wants to file for divorce unless necessary. We work with you, providing advice on proceeding should you wish to seek a divorce. We can also handle any modifications needed for your existing divorce, alimony, or child support. Circumstances often change during a divorce, such as losing your job. If this happens, you may need to modify your payments; otherwise, you could face repercussions if you fall behind or don’t pay.

How A Divorce Attorney In Newton Can Help

You need Cambridge and Newton divorce attorneys who understand family law and experience family courtrooms when your children are involved. Whether your goal is to receive primary child custody or to have certain visitation rights, your divorce attorney in Newton will do everything to create an agreement that works in your favor. Though you and your spouse may agree concerning spousal support, you may not always see eye to eye regarding child custody or visitation. It’s times like these when you need a divorce lawyer in Newton whose primary goal is to give you an advantage in family court.

Experienced Newton Divorce Lawyers

It would help if you didn’t have to deal with a divorce and the stress that comes along with it. Let our divorce attorneys handle all the technical aspects while dealing with the emotional part of the process. Divorce laws can seem very complicated, making a do-it-yourself divorce appear tricky and last longer than it should. Whether you’re seeking a divorce or wanting to make modifications to an existing agreement, we can provide professional guidance and help you along on this emotional journey. So if you need the help of a team of experienced Belmont or Newton divorce lawyers, then pick up the phone and call us at (617)926-8944 for a consultation.