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Our Cambridge divorce lawyers realize that no one wants to go through a divorce. But when you’re backed into a corner and have few other options, our experienced divorce lawyers are on your side. Once you have decided that divorce is your best course of action, it’s time to contact LaFountain & Wollman P.C. Our team of reliable Cambridge divorce attorneys is always standing by to discuss your options.

Our team of Cambridge divorce lawyers is always standing by to represent you and your interests in a court of law. Give us a call at (617) 926-8944 or visit our Contact Us page to get started with a consultation today!

Do You Need Cambridge Divorce Lawyers For Modifications?

There are many reasons you may need to hire a divorce attorney in Cambridge. Our lawyers can handle modifications to an existing divorce, custody, or support order. If you lose your job, you may need to modify a spousal or child support agreement. Unfortunately, if you don’t do this, you must continue making payments as arranged. If you don’t pay, you fall into arrears and may face serious consequences. It’s always best to contact our reliable Cambridge divorce lawyers to help. Give us a call at (617) 926-8944, so we can help you to notify the court of your change in employment.

Family Matters To Our Cambridge Divorce Attorneys

If there are children involved, you’ll want to become familiar with child support laws in Cambridge, and our legal team can help. Our lawyers have experience in local family courtrooms as well as extensive knowledge of family law. You want to make sure that you receive primary custody if that is your goal. We can also help arrange a fair visitation schedule if your spouse maintains primary or shared custody. Child custody disputes are emotional. Our goal is to take care of the technical details so that you can deal with the more sensitive aspects of the process.

A Divorce Lawyer in Cambridge Can Help Navigate Alimony And Child Custody

While alimony isn’t as emotional as child custody, you may disagree with your spouse about the need for spousal support. This is where you need a trustworthy divorce lawyer in Cambridge to ensure the final agreement is to your advantage, if at all possible. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay alimony. It means your divorce attorney does everything possible to create an agreement that is in your favor.

Contact A Divorce Attorney In Cambridge Today

You may also contact your divorce attorney in Cambridge to handle a modification request if you want to move out of state with your child or have other circumstances which make it difficult for you to abide by the original terms of your divorce. Even if you have no children involved, there are complicated laws and trends that you won’t understand without the guidance of our Cambridge divorce attorneys at LaFountain & Wollman P.C. We are ready to fight for you and all that you are entitled to during this troubling time. So give us a call at (617) 926-8944, we’ll get through this together.

From answering initial questions about a potential divorce to walking through the divorce procedure and ensuring you live up to court expectations after the divorce, our Cambridge divorce lawyers are on your side.